Smarter, Faster, Automated Image Organization

Nyckel's real-time API for custom machine learning is a game-changing to for digital asset management. Here is why.
Oscar Beijbom Nov 2022

Best practices for AI content moderation

How do you train, configure, integrate, and monitor an AI-based content moderation system such that it gives your users the best experience while protecting your bottom line?
Oscar Beijbom Nov 2022

How to Approach Multilingual Content Moderation

A lot of the internet's content is in non-mainstream languages. We look at some things to consider when building content moderation models for multi-lingual content.
George Mathew Nov 2022

Why Content Moderation is Important for Your Business

Some examples of how content moderation can benefit your business in unexpected ways.
George Mathew Nov 2022

What is class-balance drift and why does it matter for content moderation?

Class-balance drift can degrade your auto content-moderation system. We look at what it is, how to track it, and what to do when it occurs.
Oscar Beijbom Oct 2022

How What’s That Charge 4x’d It's Revenue Using Nyckel Auto-Moderation.

AI-powered auto-moderation allowed quicker release of more content to our public repository of credit card charges, driving a 4x increase in Ad revenue. – Jeremy Schneider, Co-founder, WTC
Oscar Beijbom Oct 2022

Same Same But Different: Content Moderation at Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit

The four platforms have different ways of balancing free speech against misinformation. We take a close look at their methods.
Oscar Beijbom Oct 2022

Whac-a-Spammer - How to Deal with Bots on Your Site

Bots posting content to your site can be a scourge. Stay one step ahead of them with these tips, tools, and tricks.
Dan Ott Oct 2022

The Long Tail of Content Moderation Use-Cases

Beyond Spam, NSFW and violence are a long tail of situations that require content moderation across gaming, dating, e-commerce and children's platforms.
Oscar Beijbom Sep 2022

What is Content Moderation?

Content Moderation is critical when hosting user generated content. We break down the basic concepts and solutions.
Oscar Beijbom Sep 2022

4 Steps to Improved Content Moderation

Progress through blacklists and pre-trained AI's to full custom-AI content moderation.
Oscar Beijbom Sep 2022

Building a Recommender system using the Nyckel API.

We break down the components of a Recommender system and show how ot set this up using the Nyckel API.
Oscar Beijbom Sep 2022

Content Moderation using SurgeAI's Toxicity Dataset

Train a text classification model for content moderation using SurgeAI's toxicity dataset.
George Mathew Sep 2022

How SPYSCAPE Added Magic Into Their AR Game Using Nyckel

Literally over the space of ten minutes, I created a Nyckel account, threw some random images at it… and it blew my mind! It was spooky-accurate! – Gwyn Morfey, SPYSCAPE Tech Lead
Oscar Beijbom Aug 2022

How Taimi, the worlds largest LGBTQI+ dating community, used Nyckel for custom content moderation.

Our average moderation time went down by three times, auto moderation coverage increased four times, and accuracy imporoved to 96%! – Vladislav Yavorskyi, Moderation Manager, Taimi
Oscar Beijbom Aug 2022

How Startup Accelerator Gust Trained a Custom Spam Filter using Nyckel

It was wonderful and saved us a ton of time. We finally got rid of spam profiles that were draining our site ranking, bothering customers, and giving us a general headache! – Peter Swan, CEO, Gust
Oscar Beijbom Aug 2022

IAB Classification of Text and Images Using Machine Learning

IAB is a content taxonomy that is used by content publishers to organize their content in a consistent way. In this post we show you how to classify text and image content into IAB categories without any labeled data.
George Mathew Jul 2022

A Quick Look at Text Search Functions

See some of the creative ways to add smarts to your application with Text Search
Dan Ott May 2022

Custom AI-Assisted Content Moderation

Online communities need content moderation to thrive, but the diversity of the internet is not fully served by general purpose content moderation APIs. We lay out the need for custom AI-assisted content moderation, look at what such a moderation pipeline would look like, and show how Nyckel makes it significantly easier to build such a pipeline.
George Mathew Apr 2022

ML is Just a Developer Tool

... at least for now
Dan Ott Apr 2022

Introducing Nyckel Image Search Functions

Nyckel Image Search functions enable cross-modal semantic search of images and text using the latest Deep Learning technology. Get started with a few simple API commands.
Oscar Beijbom Apr 2022

Machine Learning on Tabular Data with Nyckel

Nyckel releases a new feature to create Machine Learning models for tabular data in minutes.
George Mathew Jan 2022

Nyckel Accepted to Y Combinator (W22)

Nyckel has been accepted to Y Combinator batch of Winter 2022!
Oscar Beijbom Jan 2022

Machine Learning is Still Too Hard for Software Engineers

Machine Learning has made huge strides in the last few decades, but it remains largely inaccessible to the average developer. This post examines some of the reasons why.
George Mathew Jan 2022

A top 3% score in the Kaggle Titanic Challenge using Transformers

In this post we show how to make a top 3% submission on the Kaggle Titanic Challenge using Transformers
Oscar Beijbom Oct 2021

Local Development and Validation of Nuget Packages

Learnings from setting up a local development workflow for developing and validating nuget packages
George Mathew Oct 2021

AutoML benchmark: Nyckel vs Google vs Huggingface

A comparison of accuracy, training times, and invoke latencies for three major AutoML engines
Oscar Beijbom Jun 2021

AutoML Comment Moderation in a Rails App

Using machine learning to help curate user content
Dan Ott May 2021

Add Image Classification Using Machine Learning to a Web App With a Single Line of Code

Inspired by a scene from HBO's Silicon Valley, I decided to build a website that identifies whether a photo is of a hot dog.
Jeremy Schneider Apr 2021

How to Add Custom Image Classification To Your Application Using Machine Learning (The Easy Way!)

It’s often valuable to be able to programmatically classify an image into a category. This post explains how you can use Nyckel to do that in minutes.
Jeremy Schneider Apr 2021