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Nyckel's classification API makes it easy for developers to train and deploy custom classification models.

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"Other ML tools are painfully slow. But with Nyckel, the model auto-retrains after every change. It's shocking and awesome."

— Gardyn, AI Lead Technologist

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Spinning up a new classifier shouldn't be tedious

AI/ML tools like Azure or Vertex AI take forever to fine-tune and have "always-on" pricing - making it tedious and expensive to launch new models. Fortunately, with Nyckel's elastic pricing and real-time retraining, you can cost-effectively build classifiers at scale.

Built for devs wanting a no-frills way to train classifiers.

The only AI tool focused on machine learning classification.


Text classification


News Tagging


Classify images of logos


Tag images of clothing


Tabular classification


Job Description Tagging