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Nyckel simplifies machine learning by doing the heavy lifting for you.

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Auto-ML for easy creation of your own classification models

We train 500x faster than the competition - usually in just seconds.

"Because of the way Nyckel does things, the model trains immediately. This was rather shocking and awesome!"
Sunil Rawal
AI Lead, Gardyn

Create a custom classifier using your rules and your data, or start with a premade classifier.

pretrained functions
"Training this model took less than two minutes, and you can really trust it."
Vladislav Yavorskyi
Moderation Manager, Taimi

Get an entire ML data engine in just seconds

Whether it's through our UI or API, you can do data annotation, inspection, invoking, and mining.

"Normally you have a problem and then you go for a solution. What I’ve now got is a really nice solution, and we’re actually looking for other problems we can apply it to!"
Gwyn Morfey
Spyscape Tech Lead

Personalized functions to create as many classification models as you want

Models exist independently, allowing you to spin multiple separate functions.

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nyckel api

Explore our API with our quickstart guides

Train your function through the UI, then call it through the API. Or do everything through the API.

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Takes just 5 minutes

No need to spend cycles figuring out complicated AI/ML tools. Spin up a classification AI model in just minutes. No ML expertise needed.

1. Upload sample data

Sign up for free and upload as few as 5-10 samples per label

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2. Let it train (5s-30s)

Trains within seconds. Get immediate visibility into its accuracy

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3. Integrate

Hook into the model via our API, SDK, or Zapier integration

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Want to build your own classifier in just minutes?

You get 1,000 classifications a month for free. Pay only when you scale. No credit card required.

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