Even More Pretrained Classifiers From Nyckel

With Nyckel's pretrained classifiers, you can launch your own image and text classification models even faster.
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Oct 2023
Nyckel classification API

Earliar this year, Nyckel announced the launch of our pretrained classifiers. These let anyone launch their own machine learning model in just minutes. Today we’re happy to announce the release of even more prebuilt models.

While most customers use us to build custom models (like IOT plant health detection or text content moderation), many launch with our pretrained classifiers, which provide turnkey access to a model already populated with labels and training data.

Unlike pretrained classifiers found elsewhere, though, these models are not blackboxes you ping via an API. Instead, after we copy the classifier to your account, that pretrained model is yours to customize. You can add new samples, change label names, and, in general, improve the model further using your rules and data.

Below looks at the new classifiers.

Materials Identifier (Image)

Our materials identifier predicts what material an object is (glass, metal, etc.).

materials classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Waste Management and Recycling - Sort different materials in recycling facilities to speed up recycling.
  • Manufacturing Quality Control - Verify material types used in products to ensure compliance with standards.
  • Retail Inventory Management - Identify and categorize products based on material composition to organize inventory.

Banking Support Issues Identifier (Text)

Our banking support issue classifier categorizes what type of questions banking customers are asking.

banking support issues

The business applications of this model include:

  • Retail Banking - Automatically categorize customer inquiries into specific issues for faster resolution.
  • Online Banking - Improve user experience by identifying common issues from customer feedback.
  • Fraud Detection - Detect potential fraud or security concerns mentioned in customer conversations.

Rodent Identifier (Image)

Our rodent identifier identifies what rodent is in the picture.

rodent identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Pest Control Services - Pest control companies can use the classifier to quickly identify rodent species, allowing for more targeted and effective pest management.
  • Agriculture and Farming - Farmers could automatically detect and monitor any rodent infestations in their crops and storage centers, mitigating crop damage and losses.
  • Food Processing and Warehousing - Companies in the food industry could use it to maintain sanitary conditions, reducing the risk of contamination.

Bean Plant Disease Identifier (Image)

Our bean plant disease classifier predicts what disease a bean plant has.

bean plant disease identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Agricultural Drones - Equip drones with it to scan and identify diseases in bean crops, helping with accurate aerial surveillance.
  • Organic Farming - Apply it to monitor organic bean fields, ensuring adherence to organic farming standards.
  • Seed Suppliers - Use it to inspect bean seeds for diseases before distribution.

Strawberry Plant Disease Identifier (Image)

Our strawberry plant disease classifier predicts what disease a strawberry plant has.

strawberry plant disease identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Agriculture Technology Companies - Integrate it into smart farming solutions to detect and diagnose diseases in strawberry crops, enabling timely treatment.
  • Strawberry Farms - Use it for regular monitoring of crops to identify disease outbreaks early, reducing the impact on yield.
  • Agricultural Research Institutes - Employ it in research studies to track disease prevalence of different treatment methods.

Thumbs Up or Down Identifier (Image)

Our thumbs up classifier predicts whether a hand gesture is thumbs up, thumbs down, or neither.

thumbs up identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Market Research Firms - Gauge customer reactions to product demos or ads to influence future marketing strategies.
  • Online Content Creators - Analyze audience engagement and feedback on videos or live streams to tailor content accordingly.
  • Event Management Companies - Assess attendee responses during events or presentations to improve real-time audience engagement.

SMS Sentiment Identifier (Text)

Our SMS sentiment classifier will identify the emotional sentiment of a SMS text (happy, sad, etc.).

sms sentiment identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Customer Support Centers - Gauge customer sentiment in real-time to tailor responses and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Market Research - Analyze consumer feedback via SMS surveys to understand public sentiment toward products.
  • HR Departments - Monitor employee well-being by assessing sentiment in internal communication channels.

Tweet Sentiment Identifier (Text)

Our Tweet sentiment classifier will identify the emotional sentiment of a Tweet (happy, sad, etc.).

twitter sentiment identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Brand Management Teams - Monitor brand perception on Twitter by analyzing sentiment trends in tweets mentioning the brand.
  • Public Relations Agencies - Gauge public reaction to news releases or events by assessing sentiment in related tweets.
  • Political Analysts - Understand public opinion on political issues or candidates by evaluating sentiments in tweets.

Pokemon Cards Identifier (Image)

Our pokemon card identifier will identify the pokemon on a card.

pokemon cards identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Trading Card Specialty Stores - Quickly inventory Pokémon cards for fast stock management and customer questions.
  • Online Marketplaces for Collectibles - Automate the listing process for sellers by identifying Pokémon card details for accurate descriptions.
  • Personal Collector Management - Help collectors organize and track their Pokémon card collections for trade or valuation purposes.

Wrap Up

If you’re interested in using one of our pretrained classifiers, please sign-up for a free account and reach out to us at feedback@nyckel.com.

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