Nyckel Is Proud to Announce Our Integration With Zapier

Use Zapier to integrate with Nyckel's classification functions. The integration allows you to import, train, and classify from thousands of data sources.
mugshot Chris Shuptrine
Dec 2023
zapier nyckel integration

Nyckel is proud to announce the launch of our Zapier integration for classification functions. Now, in just seconds, you can connect Nyckel to thousands of business tools, making it even easier to train and use your models.

zapier integration

With the Zapier/Nyckel integration, there are three separate actions you can set up.


Here, you can send content to Nyckel to classify, then send its prediction to any service you’d like.

For instance, you could connect your lead gen forms (Typeform, Hubspot, Formstack, etc.) to a “Lead Quality” classifier and then get Slack alerts for high-quality leads.

zapier nyckel integration

With such a Zap, every time a new lead comes in, the form details will be sent to the Nyckel function of your choosing. The resulting prediction and confidence score can be sent anywhere you’d like.

Or, send a sample to any Nyckel function and then insert the winning label into your Airtable, Softr, or Bubble database.

Or, connect your SQL server to Nyckel, send images to classify, and send the prediction back to your system.

Or, send us Zendesk customer support messages, have Nyckel classify topics and sentiment, and then build a report off that data in Zendesk.

Or…Okay, you get the idea.


Here, you can upload unlabeled samples to Nyckel. You can then manually label those images within Nyckel.

A great use case is uploading samples in bulk. Just connect Google Sheets to your function, and then add your samples all at once.

Or, send samples to train as they come in. For instance, you could have a Slack channel where every message gets turned into a Nyckel sample.


Here, you can upload labeled samples to Nyckel. Sending these will automatically cause your model to retrain and improve.

Like above, you can use Google Sheets to send these samples in bulk or piecemeal. Once uploaded, they will automatically have the right labels attached.

The integration is available to any Nyckel user, regardless of plan. If you have questions about how it works, please contact us at Otherwise, have fun building!

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