Pretrained Classifiers - March Update

With Nyckel's pretrained classifiers, you can launch your own image and text classification models even faster.
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Mar 2024
Nyckel classification API

Last year, Nyckel announced the launch of our pretrained classifiers. Since then we’ve been releasing more every month, and below contains this month’s new identifiers.

These classifiers exist as public-facing pages, and we also offer API access to them.

Dog Emotions

Our Dog Emotions identifier tells you the emotion your dog is displaying (happy, sad, etc.).

Dog Emotions classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Pet Care Services - Identify the emotional state of dogs to improve their care and training strategies.
  • Dog Breeders - Monitor the well-being of dogs to ensure healthy breeding practices.
  • Pet Insurance Companies - Evaluate claims involving dog behavior to determine coverage and liability.

Outbound B2B Spam Emails

Our Outbound B2B Spam Emails identifier tells you whether a given email is B2B spam or not.

Outbound B2B Spam Emails classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Email Marketing - Identify and filter out spam in outbound marketing campaigns to improve deliverability and engagement rates.
  • Data Protection - Secure sensitive information by detecting and blocking spam that could lead to phishing or fraud attempts.
  • Compliance Management - Ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR by preventing unsolicited communications.

Flight Delays

Our Flight Delays identifier predicts the odds that a given flight (based on airport codes, time of day, day of week, and airline) will get delayed.

Flight Delays classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Travel agencies - Predict the likelihood of flight delays to inform customers and adjust booking options accordingly.
  • Customer service solutions - Automate responses and solutions for customers dealing with delayed flights.
  • Logistics and shipping - Adjust logistics plans based on expected flight delays to ensure timely deliveries.


Our Vehicles identifier tells you what vehicle is in the image (car, truck, boat, etc.).

Vehicles classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Automotive Sales - Sort and categorize inventory on dealership websites to improve customer browsing experience.
  • Delivery Services - Ensure correct vehicle use for package delivery by classifying vehicle types, enhancing efficiency and reducing fuel costs.
  • Parking Management - Monitor and manage parking spaces more effectively by distinguishing between different types of vehicles.

ATL Flight Delays

Our ATL Flight Delays identifier is similar to the flight delay checker above, but specifically focused on ATL (Atlanta) airport departures.

The business applications of this model include:

  • Airlines - Predict and communicate potential delays at ATL airport to passengers for better travel planning.
  • Airport Food Services - Adjust staffing and inventory levels in response to expected passenger volume changes due to delays.
  • Hotel Industry near ATL - Prepare for early or late guest check-ins by monitoring anticipated flight delays.

Toxic Language

Our Toxic Language identifier tells you whether a given text would be considered toxic or offensive.

Toxic Language classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Social Media Platforms - Identify and remove offensive content to maintain a safe online environment.
  • Online Gaming Communities - Enhance player experience by detecting and acting on toxic behavior among participants.
  • Content Moderation Services - Provide moderation solutions to forums and websites to maintain community standards.

Wrap Up

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