Pretrained Classifiers - Feb Update

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Feb 2024
Nyckel classification API

Last year, Nyckel announced the launch of our pretrained classifiers. Since then we’ve been releasing more every month, and below contains this month’s new identifiers.

These classifiers exist as public-facing pages, and we also offer API access to them.

Sms Escort Spam

Our Sms Escort Spam identifier predicts whether a given SMS message is likely to be sent from an escort or not.

Sms Escort Spam classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Telecommunications - Scan and categorize incoming messages to filter out inappropriate content.
  • Online Marketplaces - Monitor user messages to ensure compliance with platform conduct policies.
  • Law Enforcement - Help in investigations by identifying messages with probable illicit content.

Defective Tires

Our Defective Tires identifier tells you whether a tire is defective.

Defective Tires classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Automotive Manufacturing - Detect defects in tire production lines quickly to minimize faulty products.
  • Retail Tire Shops - Identify wear and tear patterns to recommend replacements or services to customers.
  • Automotive Safety Certifications - Evaluate tires for adherence to safety regulations before certification.

Gender By First Name

Our Gender By First Name identifier predicts whether a name is more likely to be held by someone who is traditional considered a male or female. Please note, gender is a construct, and please respect people’s self-identification, regardless of what name they go by.

Gender By First Name classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Retail - Tailor marketing and product recommendations based on the likely gender associated with customer names.
  • Customer Service - Personalize communication and responses using likely gender to address customers more appropriately.
  • E-commerce - Customize browsing experiences and product suggestions by inferring likely gender from user profiles.

Playing Cards

Our Playing Cards identifier tells you what playing card an image shows (Ace of Hearts, Nine of Spades, etc.)

Playing Cards classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Gaming Industry - Automate the sorting and organization of playing cards in online platforms.
  • Retail - Streamline inventory management of playing card sets by identifying incomplete decks.
  • Security Systems - Detect marked or tampered cards to prevent fraud in card games.

Pizza Chain Logos

Our Pizza Chain Logos identifier tells you what pizza chain a logo represents.

Pizza Chain Logos classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Food Industry - Optimize inventory management by identifying popular pizza toppings and sizes.
  • Customer Service - Improve customer satisfaction by analyzing pizza condition upon delivery.
  • Health and Safety - Monitor kitchen environments for health and safety compliance in real-time.

Chess Pieces

Our Chess Pieces identifier tells you what chess piece is in the image (white knight, black queen, etc.).

Chess Pieces classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Board game manufacturers - Streamline quality control by detecting missing or incorrect chess pieces in sets before packaging.
  • Educational software - Enhance learning tools by integrating chess piece recognition to help students study game positions.
  • Chess tournament broadcasting - Automate the detection and display of chess pieces for live game analysis and broadcasting.

Movie Review Sentiment

Our Movie Review Sentiment identifier tells you whether a given movie review is positive or negative.

Movie Review Sentiment classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Entertainment industry - Automatically categorize customer feedback on movies to understand viewer sentiment.
  • Market research - Gather insights from movie reviews to inform future film projects and marketing strategies.
  • Content moderation - Screen user comments for inappropriate content or negative sentiment on entertainment platforms.

Prettiness Identifier

Our Am I Pretty identifier uses AI to gauge one’s attractiveness.

Attractiveness classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Social media platforms - Enhance user interaction by allowing them to rate and receive ratings on selfies.
  • Advertising - Choose the most appealing images for campaigns and promotions.
  • Cosmetic industry - Suggest makeup products based on facial attractiveness analysis.

Ugliness Identifier

Our Ugliness identifier uses AI to gauge one’s level of attractiveness.

Ugliness classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Online Retail - Enhance product presentation by providing feedback on product images to ensure they are appealing and meet aesthetic standards.
  • Dating Services - Increase match rates by offering suggestions on profile picture improvements to help users present themselves better.
  • Graphic Design - Streamline the design process by evaluating the appeal of different design elements in marketing materials.

Emo Identifier

Our Emo identifier tells you whether you look emo, goth, punk, or none of the above.

Emo classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Social Media Platforms - Improve user engagement by identifying and suggesting content that aligns with their emo subculture interests.
  • Online Fashion Retailers - Increase sales by targeting and recommending clothing and accessories that match the emo aesthetic.
  • Content Creation Platforms - Encourage content creation by identifying and promoting users who produce emo-themed content.

Wrap Up

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