Nyckel's Ad Tech Pretrained Classifiers

With Nyckel's pretrained classifiers for ad tech, you can launch your own image and text classification models even faster.
mugshot Oscar Beijbom
Sep 2023
ad tech pretrained classifiers

Earlier this year, Nyckel announced the release of our pretrained classifiers. These let you launch your own machine learning model in just minutes.

We’ve continued to build these out, and today we’ve released our first industry-specific bundle: the ad tech pretrained classifiers.

These pre-made models are specifically built for ad tech companies, and they can be used in many ways:

  • Provide insightful reports to publishers and advertisers
  • Make your bidding algorithm more efficient, increasing CTRs and CRs
  • Create custom inclusion/exclusion lists per brand, helping with brand safety concerns

Below are the five pretrained classifiers for ad tech:

Our banner ad identifier predicts whether a given image is a banner ad or not.

banner ad classifier

IAB Category (Text)

Our IAB categories classifier tells you the likely IAB category that that text falls into.

iab categories issues

Clickbait Headline Identifier (Text)

Our clickbait headline classifier identifies whether a given article headline is clickbait-y or not.

clickbait identifier

Likely Gender by Image

Our gender image classifier predicts the likely gender of a person in an image.

gender image identifier

Likely Gender by Text

Our gender text classifier predicts the likely gender of the writer based on text.

gender text identifier

Job Department Identifier

Our job department identifier can map a job title to a specific department (legal, sales, marketing, etc.)

job department identifier

Wrap Up

If you’re interested in using one of our pretrained classifiers, please sign-up for a free account and reach out to us at

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