Introducing Nyckel Pretrained Classifiers

With Nyckel's pretrained classifiers, you can launch your own image and text classification models even faster.
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Aug 2023
Nyckel classification API

Nyckel is proud to announce the launch of our pretrained classifiers.

Nyckel’s mission is to make image and text classification accessible to everyone. While most customers use us to build custom models (like plant health monitoring or image content moderation), many first get going via our pretrained classifiers, which give instant access to a model pre-populated with labels and training data.

Unlike pretrained classifiers found elsewhere, though, these models are not blackboxes you ping via an API. Instead, once the classifier is copied into your account, you get your own customizable version. You can see the original samples, add new samples, change the labels, and iterate and improve the model further.

Below looks at these new classifiers.

Language Identifier (Text)

Our language text identifier predicts what language any inputed text is.

language identifier classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Global Customer Support Centers - Automatically route customer inquiries to the appropriate language-speaking support team.
  • Content Management Systems - Identify the language of user-generated content to provide accurate translation services.
  • E-learning Platforms - Improve the user experience by automatically presenting courses in the user's native language.

Meal Identifier (Image)

Our meal image identifier tells you what food any given image contains.

meal identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Restaurant Menu Management - Automate menu item identification from customer photos for reviews or menu suggestions.
  • Nutritional Tracking Apps - Improve diet tracking by identifying meals from user-uploaded images for nutrient estimation.
  • Food Bloggers - Tag food images with specific meal names for better searchability.

Snowfall Identifier (Image)

Our snowfall image identifier tells you if the image contains falling snow or not.

snowfall identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Road Maintenance Services - Identify road sections with snowfall to enable timely snow removal and de-icing
  • Ski Resort Operations - Assess when it's snowing on different slopes to manage ski routes and safety measures.
  • Urban Planning - Monitor what areas tend to see snowfall the most often.

Document Types Identifier (Image)

Our document type image identifier predicts what document type best describes an uploaded image.

document type identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Document Management Systems - Automatically categorize scanned documents for efficient organization in company archives.
  • Legal Firms - Streamline the sorting of legal documents, like contracts or briefs, for better case file management.
  • Educational Institutions - Organize a variety of educational materials, from lecture notes to administrative documents.

Flowers Identifier (Image)

Our flowers image identifier will tell you what flower species any flower is.

flowers identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Floriculture Industry - Automate the categorization of flower species for faster greenhouse management.
  • Retail Florists - Improve customer service by quickly identifying flowers in bouquets for customers.
  • Botanical Gardens - Provide visitors with information about different flowers on display using uploaded photos.

Dog Breed Identifier (Image)

Our dog breed image identifier predicts what dog breed a dog is, based on a single image.

dog breed identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Pet Insurance Providers - Insurance companies can automate the creation of customized policies based on the identified dog breed and associated health risks.
  • Pet Stores - Pet retailers can offer personalized recommendations to customers using just a picture of the family's dog. Or, they could do real-time tracking of what dogs were brought to the store.
  • Vet Clinics - Veterinarians can speed up new patient onboarding when the owner is unsure about dog breed.

SMS Spam Identifier (Text)

Our SMS spam classifier tells you whether a SMS message is spam or not.

sms spam identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Teleco Companies - Protect customers from unwanted spam messages by identifying and blocking them automatically.
  • Mobile Security Apps - Offer users enhanced protection against phishing and scam texts by quickly classifying and flagging spam.
  • Customer Service Departments - Improve customer query processing by filtering out spam messages from legitimate customer communications.

Wrap Up

If you’re interested in using one of our pretrained classifiers, please sign-up for a free account and reach out to us at

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