Pretrained Classifiers - January Update

With Nyckel's pretrained classifiers, you can launch your own image and text classification models even faster.
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Jan 2024
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Last year, Nyckel announced the launch of our pretrained classifiers. These let anyone launch their own machine learning model in just minutes. Since then we’ve been releasing more every month, and below contains all of our new classifiers this month.

These classifiers exist as public-facing pages that anyone can interact with. We also offer API access to the models for free.

Recycling Identifier (Images)

Our recycling identifier tells you whether an item is recyclable or not. It’s a good tool if you’re wondering whether you can recycle a particular item.

recycling classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Environmental Services - Identify different types of recyclable materials in waste areas.
  • Manufacturing - Determine the recyclability of production goods to reduce byproducts.
  • Construction - Identify recyclable materials during demolition for sustainable best practices

Herb Identifier (Images)

Our herb identifier tells you what herb is in the picture.

herb classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Grocery Retail - Streamline the checkout process by quickly identifying various herbs, ensuring accurate pricing.
  • Herb Farming - Monitor crop variety and health, optimizing the harvest process for different herb types.
  • Herbal Medicine - Identify herbs for medicinal use, streamlining the preparation of natural remedies.

Poison Ivy and Poison Oak Identifiers (Images)

Our poison ivy identifier and poison oak identifier help identify if a plant is poisonous or not.

poison ivy classifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Outdoor Adventure Companies - Enable safe route planning for hiking or camping activities by identifying areas with poison ivy.
  • Educational Institutions - Educate students in biology or botany classes about poison ivy identification and ecology.
  • Real Estate Developers - Survey potential development sites for poison ivy to plan safe construction zones.

Bird Identifier (Images)

Our bird identifier identifies what bird is in the picture. It includes over 290 different bird species.

bird identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Wildlife Photography - Classify different bird species in photographs to assist photographers in cataloging and organizing their wildlife portfolios.
  • Education - Support educational programs in schools and nature centers by providing a tool for students to learn and identify various bird species.
  • Environmental Monitoring - Monitor bird populations and migration patterns for environmental impact assessments and conservation efforts.

Shingles Identifier (Image)

Our shingles identifier categorizes whether or not a rash is shingles. Please note that Nyckel is not a substitute for medical advice. Medical classifiers like this are for informational purposes only.

shingles identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Healthcare - Help diagnose shingles in patients rapidly to ensure timely treatment.
  • Pharmaceutical Research - Assist in the evaluation of shingles treatment efficacy by analyzing patient images before and after medication use.
  • Health Insurance Companies - Expedite the claim process by verifying shingles diagnoses through image analysis.

Gemstone Identifier (Image)

Our gemstone classifier predicts what gemstone a given stone or gem is.

gemstone identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Jewelry Retail - Classify various gemstones in customer inquiries to quickly identify and display relevant products.
  • Luxury Goods Authentication - Determine authenticity of gemstones in luxury items, ensuring quality and value for resale or appraisal.
  • Custom Jewelry Design - Match customer preferences with available gemstones for personalized jewelry design services.

Event Attendance Identifier (Image)

Our event attendance classifier will look at a picture of an event and tell you if it’s crowded or not.

event identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Event Management - Estimate crowd sizes at events to ensure adequate staffing and resources.
  • Public Safety - Monitor public spaces for crowd density to manage safety and emergency responses.
  • Hospitality Industry - Determine peak times in hotels or resorts for better resource allocation and staff scheduling.

T-shirt with Buttons Identifier (Image)

Our button classifier predicts whether a picture of shirt contains buttons or not.

button identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Retail Inventory Management - Streamline stock organization and management by categorizing t-shirts based on the presence of buttons.
  • E-commerce Product Filtering - Enable customers on e-commerce sites to easily filter and find t-shirts based on their button features.
  • Visual Merchandising in Retail - Improve visual merchandising by grouping t-shirts in retail displays according to button features, catering to diverse customer preferences.

Sign Language Identifier (Image)

Our sign language classifier will identify what number or letter a given sign is.

sign language identifier

The business applications of this model include:

  • Accessibility Tools - Offer real-time sign language interpretation for hard-of-hearing individuals
  • Virtual Meetings - Integrate real-time sign language translation in virtual meeting platforms to make online conferences and webinars more accessible.
  • Emergency and PSAs - Translate emergency broadcasts into sign language in real-time

Wrap Up

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