Identify t-shirts with buttons using AI

Below is a free classifier to identify t-shirts with buttons. Just upload your image, and our AI will predict if it has buttons - in just seconds.

t-shirts with buttons identifier

How this classifier works

To start, upload your image. Our AI tool will then predict if it has buttons.

This pretrained image model uses a Nyckel-created dataset and is built with 456 samples across 2 labels, including Has Buttons vs No Buttons.

We'll also show a confidence score (the higher the number, the more confident the AI model is that it has buttons).

Whether you’re a tech-minded retailer, just curious, or building t-shirts with buttons detection into your application, we hope our classifier proves helpful.

Need to identify t-shirts with buttons at scale?

Get API or Zapier access to this classifier for free. It's perfect for:

  • Retail Inventory Management: Streamline stock organization and management by categorizing t-shirts based on the presence of buttons.

  • E-commerce Product Filtering: Enable customers on e-commerce sites to easily filter and find t-shirts based on their button features.

  • Apparel Quality Control: Ensure manufacturing consistency to design specifications by checking the button features on t-shirts.

  • Fashion Data Analytics: Collect and analyze data on the popularity of buttoned versus non-buttoned t-shirts to inform stock decisions.

  • Online Resale and Consignment: Simplify the listing process on online resale and consignment platforms by quickly categorizing t-shirts based on button presence.

  • Custom Apparel Ordering: Ease the selection process for custom apparel businesses, allowing customers to choose between buttoned and non-buttoned t-shirts.

  • Visual Merchandising in Retail: Improve visual merchandising by grouping t-shirts in retail displays according to button features, catering to diverse customer preferences.

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