Identify shingles using AI

Below is a free classifier to identify shingles. Just upload your image, and our AI will predict if it's shingles or not - in just seconds.

shingles identifier

Disclaimer: This tool is for informational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider.

How this classifier works

To start, upload your image. Our AI tool will then predict if it's shingles or not.

This pretrained image model uses a Nyckel-created dataset and is built with 3605 samples across 2 labels, including Shingles or Not Shingles.

We'll also show a confidence score (the higher the number, the more confident the AI model is that it's shingles or not).

Whether you’re a tech-minded medical provider, just curious, or building shingles detection into your application, we hope our classifier proves helpful.

Need to identify shingles at scale?

Get API or Zapier access to this classifier for free. It's perfect for:

  • Healthcare: Help diagnose shingles in patients rapidly to ensure timely treatment.

  • Telemedicine: Enable remote diagnosis of shingles, reducing the need for in-person consultations.

  • Dermatology Clinics: Streamline the process of skin condition assessment, particularly for distinguishing shingles from other skin diseases.

  • Elder Care Facilities: Monitor elderly residents for early signs of shingles, which is more common in older adults.

  • Pharmaceutical Research: Assist in the evaluation of shingles treatment efficacy by analyzing patient images before and after medication use.

  • Health Insurance Companies: Expedite the claim process by verifying shingles diagnoses through image analysis.

  • Mobile Health Apps: Integrate with personal health applications to offer users a quick way to check suspicious skin rashes for shingles.

Want this classifier for your business?

In just minutes you can automate a manual process or validate your proof-of-concept.

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