Is this recyclable? Use AI to find out.

Below is a free classifier to identify recyclability. Just upload your image, and our AI will predict if an item is recyclable - in just seconds.

recyclability identifier

This tool is for informational purposes only. Curbside recycling policies can differ city by city. Please refer to local guidelines. For plastics, check the recycling number in the triangle symbol.

Plastic Symbol Double-Check

Symbol General Rules Examples
#1 & #2 Accepted by curbside programs Water/soda bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles
#5 Accepted by many curbside programs. Check local guidelines Yogurt containers, syrup bottles, ketchup bottles, medicine bottles, plastic straws
#3,#4,#6,#7 Generally not accepted, but check local rules PVC, food wrap, styrofoam, produce bags, plastic bags (though drop-off spots exist), CD cases
Triangle without # No number means it has special rules, which the item should then outline Coffee creamer bottles that require you to remove the label before recycling

How this classifier works

To start, upload your image. Our AI tool will then predict if an item is recyclable.

This pretrained image model uses a Nyckel-created dataset and is built with 10500 samples across 17 labels, including Recyclable Glass, Non-Recyclable Glass, Metal, Plastic, Trash, and more.

We'll also show a confidence score (the higher the number, the more confident the AI model is that an item is recyclable).

Whether you’re a tech-minded environmentalist, just curious, or building recyclability detection into your application, we hope our classifier proves helpful.

Need to identify recyclability at scale?

Get API or Zapier access to this classifier for free. It's perfect for:

  • Environmental Services: Sort and classify different types of recyclable materials in waste streams

  • Waste Management Companies: Streamline the sorting process at recycling facilities for efficient material recovery

  • Manufacturing: Determine the recyclability of production waste to reduce manufacturing byproducts

  • Average consumers: Do you best to determine whether you can recycle an item or not.

  • Construction: Identify recyclable materials during demolition for sustainable waste management

  • Education: Teach students about recycling by automatically sorting materials in learning programs

  • Logistics: Monitor and optimize the recycling process within supply chain operations

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