The lightning fast
image classification API
for developers.

Use Nyckel to integrate state of the art image classification into your application. Create your first custom function in minutes. Once created, your functions can be invoked in real-time using our API.

Image Classification In 60 Seconds

Build a function in as little as a minute.

Example Use Cases

Use your image data to create a custom image classification function. The applications are only limited by your imagination. Below are a few examples.

Automate defect identification

Quality Inspection

Train your function to identify defects by analying an image of your product. Use the API to determine whether subsequent pictures are defect-free

Categorize product types

Barcodeless Scanner

Need to identify what's in an image? Use Nyckel to create a custom barcodeless scanner and your function will be able to classify future images.

Identify the mood of a photo

Emotion Analysis

Do you need to know whether an image depicts a positive or negative emotion? Train Nyckel on your images to create an API to identify the emotions of future subjects.

API Documentation

Train your function through the UI, then call it through the API. Or do everything through the API.




  • Includes 1,000 training samples
  • Includes 500 invokes
  • Upgrade for additional invokes


$50 / month

  • Includes 10,000 invokes
  • Additional invokes $0.005


$500 / month

  • Includes 500,000 invokes
  • Additional invokes $0.001



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