If Vertex AI is overwhelming, try Nyckel instead

Vertex AI is powerful, but confusing. Nyckel is the easy-to-use machine learning alternative.

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For most classification use cases, Vertex AI is needlessly confusing

Trying to do classification through Vertex AI is hard. Especially if you’re not a machine learning expert. That’s why Nyckel built a platform that makes text and image classification easy for everyone.

Unlike with Vertex AI, you can launch a classifier in just minutes

Easily classify text to identify spam, sentiment, and context.

Trains 500x faster than Google's Vertex AI.

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image classification example

Easily classify images using your rules and your data

Create custom classification models in a fraction of the time as with Vertex AI.

Connect it to your workflow using our Classification API

Ping us with the image or text, and we'll respond with the label and confidence level.

nyckel api
image classification example

Quickly compare Nyckel vs Vertex AI

Nyckel is optimized for non-ML experts that want to ship ML features quickly.

Takes just 5 minutes

No need to spend cycles figuring out complicated AI/ML tools. Spin up a classification AI model in just minutes. No ML expertise needed.

1. Upload sample data

Sign up for free and upload as few as 5-10 samples per label

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2. Let it train (5s-30s)

Trains within seconds. Get immediate visibility into its accuracy

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3. Integrate

Hook into the model via our API, SDK, or Zapier integration

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Want to build your own classifier in just minutes?

You get 1,000 classifications a month for free. Pay only when you scale. No credit card required.

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