Nyckel is Sentisight but for devs without ML backgrounds

Sentisight is built for ML-experts. Nyckel is an intuitive alternative for devs without ML degrees.

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"AI/ML tools love being complex for the sake of complexity. As a dev, I love Nyckel's no-nonsense approach to AI/ML."

— Gardyn, AI Lead Technologist

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For most machine learning use cases, Sentisight is needlessly confusing

Trying to do AI/ML through Sentisight is hard. Even if you're a developer. That's why Nyckel built an intuitive ML platform specifically for non-ML developers.

Unlike with Sentisight, launching machine leaning models is actually easy.

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Say goodbye to idle GPU time. Pay for requests instead.

No per hour pricing. No worrying about GPUs. Pay only for the requests you make.

Automatic retraining means no manual deployment.

The model auto-retrains after every change, so you never have to manually deploy your models.

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Monitor incoming requests in real-time.

The UI shows incoming requests, so you can both monitor usage and easily annotate those samples to improve accuracy.

Use the API to create models, add samples, and make requests

Ping us, and we'll respond with the predicted label and confidence score.

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