MonkeyLearn not working for you?

Nyckel's text classification API is an intuitive alternative to the now-defunct MonkeyLearn.

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With MonkeyLearn gone, Nyckel is the go-to text classifier

At Nyckel, we're hyper-focused on one powerful AI use case: text classification. Our vision is to make it as easy as possible to auto-label text at scale.

Like with MonkeyLearn, you can use Nyckel to auto-label text

text classification example

Classify text using your rules and your data

Use text classification to auto-categorize text into whatever labels you need.

Great for content moderation, sentiment analysis, and contextual tagging

Auto-classify your text using whatever labels you want.

text classification example
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Connect it to your workflow using our text Classification API

Ping us with the text file, and we'll respond with the label and confidence level.

Takes just 5 minutes

No need to spend cycles figuring out complicated AI/ML tools. Spin up a classification AI model in just minutes. No ML expertise needed.

1. Upload sample data

Sign up for free and upload as few as 5-10 samples per label

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2. Let it train (5s-30s)

Trains within seconds. Get immediate visibility into its accuracy

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3. Integrate

Hook into the model via our API, SDK, or Zapier integration

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