Reverse Image Search API

Search your image gallery using AI powered image or text queries. Pricing starts at $0.005 per search.

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Why Nyckel?

Nyckel abstracts away all Machine Learning complexity allowing you to focus on your data and your problem.

Deep Learning in Seconds

Fully automated and highly parallelized AutoML trains and evaluates top deep learning methods on your data in seconds.

Deployed Immediately

Instant model deploy to elastic inference infra with 99.99% uptime, 300ms latency. Scale to millions of invokes on day one!

API-First Design

Fast and secure API enable fully automated integration of our Machine Learing service into your application.

Integrated Data Engine

Nyckel UI tightly integrates data annotation, inspection and mining into your ML workflow.

Free Evaluation

Open sign-ups, an always-free tier, a one-month free trial at the enterprise tiers, and no data lock-in!


Get Started Searching in 1 Minute

Use our UI or API to quickly get started indexing and searching your image database.

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Machine Learning Doesn't Have to Be That Hard


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  • Open sign-upsOpen sign-ups
  • Always-free tierAlways-free tier
  • Free-trial First month free
  • No data lock-inNo data lock-in


max 1,000 invokes / month

First 1,000 invokes included
Upgrade for more usage
*Invokes: $0
**Samples: $0 /month


Functions: 10 /account

Classification Classification

Samples: 5,000 /function
Labels: 20 /function

Search Search

Samples: 5,000 /function

Detection Detection

Samples: 50 /function


min spend / month

Usage for first $50 included
Overage billed per item
*Invokes: $0.005
**Samples: $0.0025 /month


Functions: 1,000 /account

Classification Classification

Samples: 10,000 /function
Labels: 50 /function

Search Search

Samples: 1,000,000 /function

Detection Detection

Samples: 100 /function


min spend / month

Usage for first $500 included
Overage billed per item
*Invokes: $0.001
**Samples: $0.0005 /month


Functions: 10,000 /account

Classification Classification

Samples: 25,000 /function
Labels: 200 /function

Search Search

Samples: 10,000,000 /function

Detection Detection

Samples: 500 /function



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* Invokes refer to POSTS to the /invoke, /search, or /locate endpoints.

** Samples refer to training data added to functions via the /samples endpoint for classification, search, or detection.

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