Identify age using AI

Below is a free classifier to identify age. Just upload your image, and our AI will predict which age bracket it is - in just seconds.

age identifier

For best result, upload a face shot only. For privacy reasons, starts at age 21.

How this classifier works

To start, upload your image. Our AI tool will then predict which age bracket it is.

This pretrained image model uses the Age Detection CV dataset and is built with 10000 samples across 5 labels, including 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, and 60+.

We'll also show a confidence score (the higher the number, the more confident the AI model is of which age bracket it is).

Whether you’re a tech-minded moderator, just curious, or building age detection into your application, we hope our classifier proves helpful.

Need to identify age at scale?

Get API or Zapier access to this classifier for free. It's perfect for:

  • Retail: Identify age groups of customers. Customize marketing strategies based on age demographics.

  • Gaming: Verify player age for age-restricted content. Enhance game recommendations for different age groups.

  • Advertising: Target advertisements based on viewer age. Analyze age demographics for campaign effectiveness.

  • Healthcare: Monitor patient age groups in waiting rooms. Optimize services and care plans based on age data.

  • Hospitality: Identify age groups of guests. Tailor services and amenities to different age ranges.

  • Education: Analyze age distribution of students. Customize learning materials and methods for different ages.

  • Public Safety: Monitor age groups in public areas. Enhance safety protocols for various age groups.

Want this classifier for your business?

In just minutes you can automate a manual process or validate your proof-of-concept.

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