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Delight customers by letting them auto-tag their images with custom tags they create.

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Auto image labeling is a valuable DAM feature - but more so if your customers can create their own custom labels

Nyckel is an image classification API that lets you build your own custom image labeling feature - in days not months.

image classification

Delight customers with a way to auto-tag images using labels they define

Let your users define their own labels for auto-tagging their content - versus pre-made ones.

Search images with text or images

Let users search images using free-form text or even other images.

image search example
nyckel api

Build it on top of our Classification API

Ping us with the image, and we'll respond with the label and confidence level.

Takes just 5 minutes

No need to spend cycles figuring out complicated AI/ML tools. Spin up a classification AI model in just minutes. No ML expertise needed.

1. Upload sample data

Sign up for free and upload as few as 5-10 samples per label

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2. Let it train (5s-30s)

Trains within seconds. Get immediate visibility into its accuracy

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3. Integrate

Hook into the model via our API, SDK, or Zapier integration

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