The lightning fast
API for custom
content moderation

Use state of the art Machine Learning for custom content moderation that is tailored to your data. Get up and running in minutes.

Text Content Moderation In 2 Minutes

Build a moderation function in as little as 2 minutes. We support text, image, and tabular data.

Example Use Cases

Nyckel currently supports classification of text, image, and tabular data. The applications are only limited by your imagination. Below are a few examples.

Image or Text Classification

Spam Detection

Is your app getting spammed? Create a custom spam detection function based on your data and your desired sensitivity.

Image or Text Classification

User-Generated Content

Moderate user content with Nyckel by creating a custom text or image analysis function. Your function is custom to your data and policies.

Image or Text Classification

Platform Moderation

Your customers can each have models tailored to their needs. Models train in seconds and continuously improve with more data.

API Documentation

Train your function through the UI, then call it through the API. Or do everything through the API.




  • Includes 1,000 training samples
  • Includes 500 invokes
  • Upgrade for additional invokes


$50 / month

  • Includes 10,000 invokes
  • Additional invokes $0.005


$500 / month

  • Includes 500,000 invokes
  • Additional invokes $0.001



  • Learn how we can scale with your business