Image detection for non-devs

Nyckel is a no-code tool for building image detection models in just minutes.

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For most image detection use cases, AI/ML tools are too complex.

Nearly all AI/ML solutions cater to dev teams. Everyone else must navigate confusing UIs and APIs (cough cough Google). Enter Nyckel. We make it easy for non-developers to build image detection models in just minutes.

Bring your proof of concept to life without bothering the dev team

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Classify images using your rules and your data

Build whatever you want - a fun personal idea or a business-important workflow - by the end of the hour.

Easily recognize and detect objects in images

Train and deploy an object detector in minutes. Upload images and annotate in the browser.

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Sort and search millions of images in minutes

Search your image library with images or text. No training needed.

Launch even quicker with a pretrained classifier.

Check out our list of 50 pretrained classifiers that solve everything from blurry image IDing to NSFW flagging.

nyckel api
nyckel api

Connect it to your workflow with our API, SDK, Zapier, or JS widget.

No matter how technical you are, there's a way to integrate.

Takes just 5 minutes

No need to spend cycles figuring out complicated AI/ML tools. Spin up an AI model in just minutes. No ML expertise needed.

1. Upload sample data

Sign up for free and upload as few as 5-10 samples per label

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2. Let it train (5s-30s)

Trains within seconds. Get immediate visibility into its accuracy

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3. Integrate

Hook into the model via our API, SDK, Zapier, or embed code integration

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